Finister are an italian alternative rock band, based in London.


They released the first album, "Suburbs Of Mind". (Red Cat Records /Audioglobe © ), in 2015. It was acclaimed as one of the most important italian debut album of the year by La Repubblica, La Nazione, Il Mucchio Selvaggio, Classic Rock ITA.

They had the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as The Kooks, Prodigy, Manu Chao, Morothead, Nothing But Thieves and more in some of the largest national and European festivals (Exit Festival, Arezzo Wave). Finister played in gigs in Uk, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Serbia.


The band is now working at the second album, that will be produced by Howie B (U2, Björk Tricky and many others). The song will be recorded in February 2018.




"Suburbs of Mind is one of those surprises and unexpected delights that make jump out of the blue. A collection of amazing songs." Ring Master (UK)

"The best debut album of the year. It s amazing!" Classic Rock ITA



"Finister are only 20 years old, and they realised a great album: mature, well arranged rich in sound. One of the best records of the year" Mucchio Selvaggio



ELIA RINALDI- Voice, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar


ORLANDO CIALLI- Keyboard, Synths, Piano, Alto Sax, Backing Vocals


LEONARDO BRAMBILLA- Electric Bass, Backing Vocals


LORENZO BURGIO- Drums, Electronic Drums